Frankfort Gives is
December 1, 2020
Frankfort Gives
Frankfort Gives is
December 1, 2020
Frankfort Gives is
December 01, 2020

Medical Scholarship Fund for Employees of the FCCH


Encourage FCCH staff and employees to continue or further their education in the medical field.


The Frankfort Community Care Home (FCCH) is staffed by caring, concerned and dedicated employees.  Many of these employees share stories of their families and daily life activities with the residents and in turn, many residents feel an extended connection to those staff members and their lives.  Through the years many staff members have pursued a higher education in the medical field while being employed at FCCH.  This fund will benefit the employee who is the recipient of this annual scholarship.  It is the hope that this fund will not only encourage employees to take that step to continue their education but to give residents, their families and the community an avenue to show their appreciation.


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